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Getting out of the Post Acute Commodity Trap 

Differentiation that leads to higher volume and more referrals

Date:  May 26 
Time: 2-3 pm EST

Rebuilding census, in an age where the push is to bypass skilled nursing for home health, will require skilled nursing organizations to understand both the goals of their referral partners and the priorities of the general public. Hospitals and insurance companies are focused on efficient and cost effective delivery of care. Skilled nursing organizations will need to understand how to meet that objective and how to use data to help tell their story. Organizations will also need to understand how hospitals evaluate true clinical specialization when evaluating skilled nursing capabilities.  This session will also discuss how to help the general public assess their care options and why the right skilled nursing facility may be the best option for their loved ones. This session will provide strategies for any size organization to implement to help rebuild census during these challenging times.

Presenters:          Alice Bell, Senior Consultant  Advisory Board
                              Tom MacDonald, President  Axis Healthcare Consulting
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