Therapy Model Evaluation

The therapy program is a core function of any skilled nursing organization. The decision to directly employ therapists or utilize a contract therapy company is an important one. It is important to select the option that best aligns with the strengths and goals of an organization. 

Axis Healthcare works with organizations to provide a thorough analysis of the various therapy models to determine the best fit. Our analysis includes a review of the financial impact of each model along with the required staffing levels and clinical and compliance competencies.

Our recommendation for contract therapy includes a request for proposal (RFP) to solicit interested companies along with contract negotiation support to obtain competitive pricing and contract terms.

If we recommend an in house model we work with organizations to transition from a contract therapy company. This involves staffing support, selection and training of a Rehab Director and implementation of a compliance program and selection of an EMR system. For those organizations interested in continuing support we provide cost effective management services.






Evaluating therapy models begins with understanding the size and scope of the therapy program in relation to staffing needs and the local labor market. It involves understanding an organizations priorities, competencies and commitment.

Axis assesses each model for organizational requirements, financial impact, and alignment with company goals and priorities to determine the ideal therapy model



Axis can develop and implement a plan to take your program in house or help you select the right contract therapy partner to meet the needs of your organization. Our goal is to ensure the best therapy model for your residents and organization.

To Learn how Axis Healthcare can provide an objective analysis of the ideal therapy model, contact: