Management and
Team Development

The focus for healthcare organizations is the care and well being of the people they serve. Clinicians are often promoted into management due to their clinical knowledge and competency, often without the benefit of formal management training.  Inexperienced management can lead to increased employee turnover, decreased resident satisfaction and higher employee costs.

The team at Axis Healthcare has years of experience in developing management and leadership skills inside existing operational teams. Axis will provide managers with the insight to not only effectively manage different personalities, but to lead and develop staff, which results in stronger dedicated teams. Our training is very personalized and begins with an assessment test to help managers understand their management style based upon personality traits. We help them understand how this impacts their ability to manage people and how to maximize their strengths when managing people and teams.


Understanding management styles, strengths, weaknesses and team dynamics.

Utilizing assessment results, interview feedback and best practices to create a management development plan.



Development and implementation of a coaching plan to tailor management style and techniques to maximize individual and team relationships.

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