In-house Therapy Management

Axis Healthcare provides therapy management services for those organizations that prefer an in house therapy program but may lack the necessary expertise to manage the program. Our cost effective management model is tailored to meet the unique needs of each organization. 

We have designed our services to be tailored to the specific needs of an organization. Our management services are also designed for both short and long term agreements. We can develop a short term engagement, usually 12-18 months, to help organizations transition in-house and develop the necessary competencies to manage all aspects of the program in-house. We can also design our services to allow us to become a cost effective long term partner so that an organization does not have to commit the resources to managing all aspects of the therapy program. We also provide therapist recruiting services for those organizations that require that type of support.  These tailored services also allow us to develop pricing for our services based only on what an organization requires.


Axis begins by evaluating the current competencies of your organization to determine exactly what level of management support is required for the therapy program.

Axis develops a management model that accounts for the strengths of an organization and the objectives of the management team.



Axis Healthcare will implement a plan to help train and educate the therapy team and facility management in financial, clinical and regulatory matters. While we can provide long term management services we also strive to help organizations develop competencies so long term management services are not required.

To Learn how Axis Healthcare can provide support for in house therapy programs, contact: